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    Articles by Rippetoe, Bill Starr, Tommy Suggs and many others are available for download from Starting Strength’s Article Library

    Instructional videos and interviews can be found here.

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    SS:BBT3 Strong Enough? Mean Ol' Mr. Gravity

    SS DVD Cover of Defying Gravity: How to Win at Weightlifting Cover of The Strongest Shall Survive

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    Starting Strength : A site all about effective strength training.  Articles, videos, and the infamous Mark Rippetoe Q&A forum.

    The Aasgaard Company : Strength training books, videos and seminars.

    Sweet Maria’s : Coffee, coffee roasting, coffee information and coffee. And yes, this link does belong in “training”.

    Best Belts: A discussion on these belts and their quality can be found here.

    EliteFTS : Strength training & conditioning equipment, articles, videos, and Q&A. This includes the infamous Prowler 2.

    Rogue Fitness : Strength and conditioning equipment. They carry the Burgener and Rippetoe bar designed by Rip. **Please note that Rip/WFAC are not involved in the bar’s sale, manufacture or profits. All questions about bar availability and so forth should be directed to Rogue’s customer service team.

    USA Weightlifting :  The national organization for Olympic Weightlifting in the USA, such as it is.

    Powerlifting USA Magazine : Articles, events, and reports on the sport of powerlifting.

    Powerlifting Watch : Meets, rankings, reports, and other news.

North Texas

Wichita Falls Guide — A little bit of help for getting in and around the area. It’s pretty thin right now, but we’ll be adding to it over time.

Local Weather, current and forecast

Windthorst Fine Meats

Brown Brothers Welding Co (940) 855-1911, 1005 Wesley Drive Wichita Falls, TX 76306-6853

Spirits Liquor

Huskey Hat Company

The World Beyond


[This extends from local and out, but we’re putting it here]

Texas Representatives :: Look up the current situation and find links to the websites/contact information for TX US Senators, TX US Representatives, TX State Senator, TX State Representative and TX Board of Education Member

2012 Elections :: Select tabs to see those on the ballot for statewide elections, Congress, State Board of Education, State House and State Senate. This information is set up as brackets, running from the primaries through the general election. (provided by The Texas Tribune)

Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association

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