Wichita Falls Athletic Club, the first Starting Strength Training Center in the country, is the home of the Starting Strength method of barbell training. WFAC emphasizes the improvement of strength and conditioning through the use of traditional barbell exercise. The largest commercial barbell facility in the 5-state area, it is the laboratory in which the methods detailed in Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training and Practical Programming for Strength Training – both international bestsellers and the basis of post-academic thinking in strength training and barbell exercise – were developed. WFAC has been called the best place to train in the southwestern United States, and one of the most important in the country.

WFAC members benefit from the experience and expertise of professionals that have coached Olympic-level and collegiate athletes, as well as non-athletes of all levels of ability, and special populations with specific needs due to injury and disease. Our staff draws from competitive experience in the sports of Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. All exercise programs provided by WFAC are designed and supervised by our staff. Most importantly, all members of WFAC are provided with an individualized program as a part of their membership, a service unique in the fitness industry and unavailable anywhere else in the area.

WFAC focuses on:
• Strength and conditioning for all sports
• General health and physical conditioning for non-athletes
• Weight gain for underweight men and women
• Post-therapy injury rehabilitation

Our equipment includes:
• The most extensive collection of barbell equipment in the area
• Competition Olympic weightlifting bars and bumper plates
• 10 Power racks and 15 weightlifting platforms
• Dumbbells to 136 lbs
• The Prowler (indoor and outdoor set ups)
• An outdoor training area featuring a 50 meter rubber-topped track and field training implements and equipment.
• Kettlebells from 4kg to 32kg.
• Peg board
• Medicine balls to 20 lbs.
• Glute/Ham and reverse hyper benches

Our staff has the experience and expertise necessary to make your training effective — whether it’s your first workout or your 1000th. We teach effective exercise to trainees of any skill and conditioning level, to ensure the results you expect.

Ask about personal training, specific to your goals.  Call Carmen for more information : 940-696-0829

To book a form check session with Rusty Holcomb, email: holcombstrengthtraining@gmail.com