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    Articles by Rippetoe, Bill Starr, Tommy Suggs and many others are available for download from Starting Strength’s Article Library

    Instructional videos and interviews can be found here.

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    SS:BBT3 Strong Enough? Mean Ol' Mr. Gravity

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    Starting Strength : A site all about effective strength training.  Articles, videos, and the infamous Mark Rippetoe Q&A forum.

    The Aasgaard Company : Strength training books, videos and seminars.

    Sweet Maria’s : Coffee, coffee roasting, coffee information and coffee. And yes, this link does belong in “training”.

    Best Belts: A discussion on these belts and their quality can be found here.

    EliteFTS : Strength training & conditioning equipment, articles, videos, and Q&A. This includes the infamous Prowler 2.

    USA Weightlifting :  The national organization for Olympic Weightlifting in the USA, such as it is.

    Powerlifting USA Magazine : Articles, events, and reports on the sport of powerlifting.

    Powerlifting Watch : Meets, rankings, reports, and other news.

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