January 19 – 2019 United States Strengthlifting Championship Meet
Join us at WFAC for an exciting meet featuring top-notch prizes, sponsors, vendors and competition. Find out more

March 1-3 – Starting Strength Seminar
The seminar teaches the system of barbell training detailed in the books Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training and Practical Programming for Strength Training. It features an in-depth examination of the physiology, biomechanics, and execution of the 5 basic barbell exercises at a level of detail unavailable in any other seminar in the industry. The SSS is the most detailed exposure to any training method offered in the fitness/exercise/training education marketplace, available to both the serious strength and conditioning professional and the trainee interested in improving personal performance under the bar. Sign up today!

April 5-7 – StrengthCon II, Injuries & Rehab
This upcoming event will focus on strategies for managing injuries and rehab in the context of training, with an emphasis on the application of the stress/recovery/adaptation cycle to optimize the results and to retain maximum performance throughout the course of the injury. Experts in the field will inform and direct the discussion, with time dedicated to your personal situation and the best way to proceed by training through injuries. Training sessions will be coached at the gym by Starting Strength Coaches. Sign up now!