April 20 – Strengthlifting Meet Event listing

May 11 – Coaching Development Camp with Mark Rippetoe & Nick Delgadillo: During the squat coaching camp, we’ll take an intensive look at the how and why of the squat teaching method, we’ll discuss coaching and what it takes to become a better coach, and spend lots of time on the platform where you’ll get real-time feedback on your coaching of fellow participants. Find out more

June 7-9 – Starting Strength Seminar
The seminar teaches the system of barbell training detailed in the books Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training and Practical Programming for Strength Training. It features an in-depth examination of the physiology, biomechanics, and execution of the 5 basic barbell exercises at a level of detail unavailable in any other seminar in the industry. The SSS is the most detailed exposure to any training method offered in the fitness/exercise/training education marketplace, available to both the serious strength and conditioning professional and the trainee interested in improving personal performance under the bar. Sign up today!