Starting Strength Fall Classic – October 24th, 2015

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WFAC will be host to The Starting Strength Fall Classic Strengthlifting Meet.  Information on the meet and signup link are below.  Stop by the gym or email Nick with any questions.

Sign Up Event Page

For the second year in a row, Starting Strength Coaches in the US and Canada will be organizing a combined strengthlifting meet for the same weekend in October. Not only will you get to compete against the lifters that attend your local meet, but your results will be compared with the competitors from all the other locations. The meets will take place in the following places:

  • Chicago, IL – Chicago Elite Fitness
  • Emeryville, CA – CrossFit Oakland
  • Gardiner, NY – Gardiner Athletics
  • Long Island, NY – CrossFit Gantry
  • Mississauga, ON, Canada – Element CrossFit
  • Seattle, WA – Urban CrossFit
  • Springfield, MO – Strong Gym
  • Westminster, MD – Westminster Strength & Conditioning
  • Wichita Falls, TX – Wichita Falls Athletic Club

The contested lifts will be the squat, press, and deadlift. The best male and female lifter from the combined meet, calculated using the Wilks formula, will be awarded a free spot in a Starting Strength weekend seminar of their choice, a $900 value.

Unlike last year’s combined meet, you can register as part of a team. To do so, please indicate your team in the Company/Organization field. We will also have a Masters (40+ years old) division.

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Gus Training at WFAC

Gus continues to steadily improve.  Just like the younger folks, being consistent pays huge dividends over time, even though progress is slower.  Training is a priority in Gus’s life. She very rarely misses a workout and it shows in her progress.

She’s using weight now on her box squats and is starting to move the weights on her bench presses and rack pulls fairly quickly.  More important, she moves much more confidently, her stride is much stronger and she seems happy.

Here’s a short video of her training this afternoon at the gym.  Note how she’s just blasting through the reps!

In addition to these exercises, she does rack pulls, pushes a modified prowler, practices getting up from the ground, and does weighted carries around the gym – up and down platforms, around obstacles.

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