Gus Training at WFAC

Gus continues to steadily improve.  Just like the younger folks, being consistent pays huge dividends over time, even though progress is slower.  Training is a priority in Gus’s life. She very rarely misses a workout and it shows in her progress.

She’s using weight now on her box squats and is starting to move the weights on her bench presses and rack pulls fairly quickly.  More important, she moves much more confidently, her stride is much stronger and she seems happy.

Here’s a short video of her training this afternoon at the gym.  Note how she’s just blasting through the reps!

In addition to these exercises, she does rack pulls, pushes a modified prowler, practices getting up from the ground, and does weighted carries around the gym – up and down platforms, around obstacles.

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RIP Bill Starr

Bill Starr passed away last night shortly before 11 PM.  Dr. Ken Leistner has written an obituary as only he can:

This is the Model 38 York barbell set used by Starr and others at the Wichita Falls YMCA. It now has a home at WFAC and along with it, memories of Bill.



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For a while now, Gus has been working her way down to squatting to the box. She’s been using bumpers stacked on top to assist while working up to sets of three on the low box. Just a few weeks ago, she needed to hold on to Carmen’s hands to get herself off the box without the bumpers on her “work sets”.

Here she is at her training session last Friday doing a set of 5 off the box with no assistance at all. As she gets better at keeping her weight over her foot, we’ll start working on having her do bodyweight squats without the box.

Balance is an expression of strength. The aged fall because they’re not strong enough to overcome a shift in center of mass relative to the center of balance due to a slip, step, push, or any other reason. Gus hasn’t fallen down in over a year as a direct result of getting stronger.

In addition to the strength work involving squats to a box, rack pulls, bench press, and overhead press, Carmen works with Gus on getting up after a fall. Gus takes the strength she trains regularly and applies it through practice getting up – something that she could not do on her own 8 months ago. Although a relatively subjective measurement, we can tell that she’s improving by how quickly she can go through this exercise.

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